The Brawlers

The Berserk Synergy

“If there is no randomness, then it’s a game of Chess!”

Some of you may have made this remark... But no, it hasn’t got much to do with Chess! Like in any game of miniatures, your units have characteristics, weapons, equipment, skills, powers...

“So, how does it work?”

The game is based around a secret reserve of tokens (called ‘Opportunity’) which you will use for the powers and skills of your Brawlers, to improve their attack / defense characteristics, or to compete for the initiative. Each time, the tokens will be discarded.

During a hand-to-hand attack, for example, the players perform an ‘Opportunity test’: each player selects a chosen number of tokens from his/her reserve and keeps them hidden in his/her hand. Once the players have selected their tokens, they will reveal them and add this amount to the matching characteristics (for the melee attack of the attacker and the melee defense of the defender).
If the attacker’s attack value is superior to the defender’s defense value, then the attack is a success and the defender suffers wounds according to the strength of the weapon used.

“How do we recover those much talked about ‘Opportunity’ tokens?”

Although players start with an initial reserve and that specific skills allow you to earn more tokens or save some, there is actually only one way to recover them: you need to ‘assess the situation’. While assessing the situation, a brawler analyzes the opposing formation and anticipates the combat’s evolution, in order to give the necessary recommendations to its team: you then earn a specific amount of tokens equivalent to the miniature’s characteristic called ‘Concentration’.

As a team in need of combat coordination, brawlers must shout out orders in order to seize an opportunity, apply a tactic or warn of incoming attacks, captures from behind, setting up a team’s formation... and this is why we talk about opportunity.

One of the basic drive for TBS was to create a game which exploits strategists for their intelligence, their ability to lead troops in combat, without turning them into common magicians or buff machines, like we can find in other games. Strategists have a higher ‘Concentration’ level than others, at the expense of defense and/or health points.

“Where does the player’s skill lie if the rules are simple? How can I distinguish myself from other players?”

As it is not a game of chance and even though the rules are simple, there are many aspects which allow experienced players to unlock their potential:

  • Knowledge of your opponent

    As you understood it, there is a part of bluff in the tests of opportunity. If you know your opponent, you will have more chance to make him/her spend more tokens than needed in many situations, while saving you own. If you do not know him/her, you will have the chance to test your adaptability.
  • Team composition

    Finding the synergy between the miniatures and their skills is vital. Most players begin by choosing a strategy and coordinate their team with other miniatures which may work well with them; others try to form teams without strategies or some that may exploit a theme that their opponent will struggle to counter. We may even see random team set-ups with the boldest players!
  • Miniatures placing

    Attacking from behind is more effective than coming from the front, blocking the opponent’s moves and using ranged attacks, protecting your key miniatures with solid formations, leading your opponent where you want him/her to go, placing yourself into a sheltered area improves your defense, protect yourself from opponents by hiding behind other miniatures... Just as many aspects to consider and master for your rise to victory.
  • Opportunity management

    You can know your opponent, have a solid team set-up, a formation and placement above reproach... without opportunity, you will lose the game. It is therefore vital to avoid wasting your reserve!

Thus, TBS is a miniatures’ game combining bluff, strategy, tactics and management, all together with a simple and fluid game system.

The Supporters

TBS Background

Once upon a time, a long time ago in a distant future, men, women, creatures and other monsters do stupid things for stupid reasons: they fight for glory, fame and fortune.

But is it our place to judge this? To believe the quinquadrigintillions of people sitting simultaneously in front of their teleglobes, it would be ill-advised to criticize.

Coming from the four corners of the universe, from worlds where technology is more or less advanced and the practice of magic is more or less lost, there are more and more of them who want to measure themselves against the greatest brawlers in this sportive and violent program called “Berserk Synergy”; where teams of brawlers fight to death in an arena: the Tabula.

The conglomerate of magicians, owners of the channel specialized in the “Berserk Synergy”, are also in charge of organizing the combats, of promoting and broadcasting the program, of rewarding the brawlers, of the promotional t-shirts and little flags, as well as emptying the bins.

To finance all of it, the BS magicians put in place a system which allows viewers to send a little of their energy via the “Syphon Magic service” (or SMS) to their favorite team... and to keep a little for themselves with each donation. The energy received by the brawlers in the Tabula then unblocks the use of sometimes overpowered skills...the famous public favors!

The Authors

JBT is one of the best known names on the international miniatures scene. Living in Lyon, France, he has been painting miniatures for over twenty years. After working as a painter, sculptor, and art director for various miniature producers (Ilyad Games, Rackham, Kraken Edition, Artefactory) he has created his own company FIGONE (website). He is also a freelance painter and sculptor, and he has published best-selling books & DVDs on miniature painting.

  • Over twenty years, he has amassed a plethora of painting awards including:
  • 55 Golden Demons, 3 Slayer Swords (Germany 2004, France 2005, Canada 2006)
  • Several gold medals and Best of Show awards (Le petit Soldat [Italie], Montrouge [France], Montreux Show [Switzerland], Monte San Savino [Italie], Girona [Spain])
  • Crystal Brush 2013 Overall Winner
  • Appointed World Expo judge in 2008 (Spain)

To learn more about JBT please visit his website

Aurélien is a game designer, he created his first board game at 4 years old and his first video game at 6. He is also a former pro-gamer of several video games; after working in the video gaming industry and doing some game design researches, he co-founded Piwag in 2016 and now fights for each game to be recognized for their quality independently of advertising.

He also created a personality test that calculate your gamer psychographic profile (discover it now!).